Vendor Training

Welcome to NC eProcurement Vendor Training

NC eProcurement is the web-based purchasing system for the State of North Carolina that offers electronic purchase order processing and enhanced administrative functions to both buyers and suppliers.

NC eProcurement requires registration in the electronic Vendor Portal (eVP) to receive purchase orders. eVP additionally allows vendors to sign up for bid notifications from the Interactive Purchasing System (IPS) and apply for Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) certification.

Vendors may also choose to sign up for an Ariba Network account on the SAP Ariba website. Creating an Ariba Network account allows vendors to utilize additional purchasing and collaboration features, such as viewing and responding to solicitations through Ariba Sourcing tools.

In the video to the right, Vicki will explain more about the systems that vendors may use while working with the state of North Carolina:

Vendor Introduction to NC eProcurement

eVP Account Management

In order to do business with the state of North Carolina, a Vendor must register their company on the electronic Vendor Portal (eVP), and are required to manage their own account and keep it fully up to date. Vendors may register for NC eProcurement, the Interactive Purchasing System, and begin the Historically Underutilized Business application process all from the same account registration.


Ariba Sourcing is used by NC eProcurement users to manage solicitations for bids on contracts for goods and services. Buyers will post new solicitations on the IPS website which directs vendors to a public posting on Ariba Discovery. From there, vendors can view solicitation documents and respond to the Sourcing Event using their Ariba Network account. Registration for the Ariba Network is a requirement to access Ariba Sourcing and view the solicitations.

Purchase Order Statuses

Vendors using an Ariba Network account to do business with the state of North Carolina can create order confirmations, ship notices, or reject the entire order.

Collaboration Requests

Collaboration Requests are used by NC eProcurement buyers to work with multiple vendors on the best pricing for goods and services. Vendors will receive a notification that they have been sent a collaboration request and can then choose to respond with a quote, called a collaboration proposal, for the requested items. After the collaboration request has been closed, the buyer can then review all received responses and work with the vendor that sent in the best proposal for the goods and/or services.