Vendor Training

Job Aids

These documents will help vendors learn and understand how to sell through NC eProcurement.

Register on the electronic Vendor Portal (eVP)

Understanding Your Purchase Order

Supplier Punchout Overview

How To Read an NC eProcurement Invoice

Web Based Training

These videos will help vendors learn how to register and maintain their company's account on the electronic Vendor Portal.

Registering on eVP This training is designed to show vendors how to register for the electronic Vendor Portal (eVP). At the completion of the training, vendors will understand the steps required to complete the registration process.
Managing Contacts on eVP This training course will provide details about Contacts and their roles. Users will learn how to manage contacts within the NC eVP application.
NC eProcurement Billing Information At completion of the training, users will become familiar with the NC E-Procurement billing process. The training will discuss how to review the Billing Information page, as well as how to view and download past invoices.
Searching for Registered Vendors At completion of this training course, users will familiarize themselves with the public vendor search page. The training will discuss how to use the search fields and filters to search for registered vendors.
Updating Your eVP Account At completion of this training, users will understand how to update eVP account information. Users will learn how to update profile information and security questions, change account password, and update the company name.