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Welcome to NC eProcurement Training

NC eProcurement is a comprehensive tool that allows users to purchase goods and services both on and off Statewide Term Contracts. There are several benefits to the tool including electronic approval flows, the ability to run reports, and a built-in informal quoting tool called Collaborative Requisition. There are five different major roles within the tool and each has a different learning path as shown below.

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The Job Aids below are provided in PDF format. Click on the job aid title to open the materials. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the PDF documents. To download the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, click the link below. These materials will be updated periodically so be sure to check back for the latest information.

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A requester creates requisitions (RQs) for both Catalog (Statewide Term Contract) and Non-Catalog items. Requesters also have the ability to run reports and act as desktop receivers for purchase orders. Some Requesters will have the ability to Collaborate with vendors on pricing for goods and services within the system.


Approvers in NC eProcurement are responsible for approving or denying requisitions that are submitted by Requesters.


Receivers accept delivery of goods and submit receipts within the NC eProcurement tool.

Purchasing Agent

Purchasing Agents have expanded rights and permissions within NC eProcurement and can edit some Requisition details without requiring re-approval. In addition, Purchasing Agents can close Purchase Orders, and edit and review Collaborative Requisitions.

System Administrator

System Administrators have full administrative access to their entity including the ability to reassign transactions between users and set user permissions by assigning groups.