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Invoices will be sent to vendors via email as designated on the Vendor Registration account. This information can be modified via the electronic Vendor Portal (eVP) website here.

The transaction fee is assessed for an eligible NC eProcurement purchase (material goods only) after the supplier has been paid by the purchasing State Entity. Suppliers will be charged for the assessed transaction fee on a monthly basis if the total invoice amount is greater than $25. If the invoice is less than $25, the invoice will be deferred until it reaches $25 or until three months have passed, whichever comes first.

No. Per the NC eProcurement Terms of Use, the transaction fee shall not be stated or included as a separate item in the invoice.

Payment is due by the 20th of the month following the invoice issue date. The due date is listed at the top of the NC eProcurement invoice. When remitting payment, please include the invoice number intended to pay in the memo line of the check.

The NC eProcurement transaction fee may be paid via check, money order or automated clearing house (ACH) through Wells Fargo E-Bill Express.

For more information on paying electronically, please see the E-Bill Express Job Aid.

Checks or money orders should be made payable to "State of North Carolina – eProc.”  Payments should be mailed to the following address:

State of North Carolina - eProc
PO Box 752167
Charlotte, NC

Please be sure to complete the steps below prior to sending the payment amount:

Detach the remit coupon located at the top of the statement and fill out the appropriate information

  1. Make the check payable to "State of North Carolina - EProc"
  2. Write the invoice number on the check or money order
  3. Write the remit address (provided at the top of the statement) on an envelope
  4. Mail the envelope containing the check and remit coupon to the above address

Vendors may dispute an invoice through the NC eProcurement Billing Help Desk. As stated in the NC eProcurement Terms of Use, all disputes must be received within 30 days of invoice issuance. A dispute will be considered after receipt of the related documentation. Documentation may include the vendor invoice or contract associated with the transaction in dispute. An Invoice Dispute Form may also be submitted for each invoice as needed. The dispute form and documentation can be submitted by email to the Billing Help Desk. If you have questions about the form or the documentation needed, please call the Billing Help Desk for assistance.

Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute §147-86.23, interest will be charged on past due balances for invoices due on or after November 20, 2014. Please note that the interest rate determined by the North Carolina Secretary of Revenue pursuant to North Carolina General Statute §105-241.21 is currently 5%. This rate may change on a semi-annual basis and will be communicated to all vendors prior to any such change. NC eProcurement sent a notice to vendors in August and September 2014 regarding this change.

Interest is calculated at an invoice line level on a monthly basis for unpaid balances and late payments. There is no minimum balance or invoice amount to receive interest charges.

When a line item or transaction on an invoice is under review by the NC eProcurement team due to a dispute, it is precluded from generating interest during the billing cycle. If a dispute is denied, the vendor is responsible for all interest, including the interest that would have been generated while the dispute was under review. Approved disputes may result in a credit to the vendor.

A vendor may receive an invoice containing no new charges if there has been activity on the account. Statement invoices are issued to reflect payments, credits, and/or interest charges received during the billing period.

A credit balance on an account is generally the result of an overpayment and/or credits that have been issued to the account. A vendor may request a refund check for this credit balance or request that it be applied to outstanding charges on the account. To submit a request regarding a credit balance on your account, please contact the NC eProcurement Billing Help Desk.

The NC eProcurement Billing team reviews vendor accounts for credit balances and may issue a refund check as necessary. If you receive an NC eProcurement refund check from the NC Department of Administration and would like detailed information regarding your refund, please contact the NC eProcurement Billing Help Desk.

For details on how to read an invoice, click here.

The current year's NC eProcurement Form W-9 can be found here.