User Maintenance - Sourcing/Contracts

System Administrators manage access and user roles for all Sourcing/Contracts users within their entity. They can also ask for Template modifications and request Contract Workspace deletions.

For more detailed step-by-step information regarding managing users in a printable format, see the following job aid.

Open the Job Aid

Tab/Accordion Items

User Maintenance can only be accessed and completed through the Expert View of NC eProcurement.  Utilizing the User Maintenance eForm, the System Administrator can perform several actions:

  • Adding a User
  • Updating a User
  • Deleting a User

After selecting an action to take, choose 'Sourcing/Contracts' from the 'Module' drop-down menu.

Each user has a unique profile with specific groups that they belong to, which informs what permissions and access that user has within NC eProcurement Sourcing/Contracts.  The assigned groups are based on upon the individual’s job functions and their responsibilities within their entity.

Groups recommended for Sourcing users:

User Type Groups Recommended
Project Owner Sourcing Agent
Internal User
Approver Internal User

Groups recommended for Contracts users:

User Type Groups Recommended
Project Owner Contract Manager
Internal User
Reviewer Internal User
Approver Internal User
Observer Internal User
System Administrator Contract Manager
Contract Administrator
Full Reporting Access Authorized