System Administration - Sourcing/Contracts

System Administrators manage access and user roles for all Sourcing/Contracts users within their entity. They can also ask for Template modifications and request Contract Workspace deletions.

For more detailed step-by-step information regarding managing users in a printable format, see the following job aid.

Open the Job Aid

Tab/Accordion Item

User Maintenance can only be accessed through Expert View.  Utilizing the User Maintenance eForm, the Security Administrator can perform several actions:

  • Adding a User
  • Updating a User
  • Deleting a User

After selecting an action to take, choose 'Sourcing/Contracts' from the 'Module' drop-down menu.

10 - Security Admin - User Maintenance

Each user has a unique profile with specific groups that they belong to, which informs what permissions and access that user has within NC eProcurement Sourcing/Contracts.  The assigned groups are based on upon the individual’s job functions and their responsibilities within their entity.

Groups recommended for Sourcing users:

User Type Groups Recommended
Project Owner Sourcing Agent
Internal User
Approver Sourcing Agent
Internal User

Groups recommended for Contracts users:

User Type Groups Recommended
Project Owner Contract Manager
Internal User
Reviewer Contract Manager
Internal User
Approver Internal User
Observer Internal User
System Administrator Contract Manager
Contract Administrator
Full Reporting Access Authorized

If a Template needs to be updated, System Administrators should contact the Help Desk for guidance at 1-888-211-7440 option 3, or via email at

If an entity has a need to delete a Published Contract Workspace, the System Administrator can contact the Help Desk for assistance at 1-888-211-7440 option 3, or via email at