Procurement Exceptions (Non-IT)

If circumstances arise where a user needs to petition P&C for a Procurement Exception, that request and approval process is built into the Sourcing Project workflow.  Users will indicate their intent to request an Exception in the ‘Special Circumstances’ field on the ‘Create Sourcing Project’ page, which triggers additional tasks and documents to be added to the Sourcing Project.  The user will submit their specific Exception request to P&C for approval via the custom ‘Exception Form’ before completing the Sourcing Project and initiating the Sourcing Event.

For more detailed step-by-step information regarding this topic in a printable format, see the following job aid.

Open the Job Aid

Tab/Accordion Item

While completing the ‘Create Sourcing Project’ page after initiating a Sourcing Project, the user should click the dropdown arrow in the ‘Special Circumstances’ field and select one of the two Exception types: ‘Procurement Exception – Contract Duration Beyond 3 Years’ or ‘Special Delegation.’

Note: ‘Special Delegation’ does not require P&C approval.  If no options display in the dropdown menu immediately, click ‘Search more.’