NCDIT Reviewers and Approvers Guide

After a Sourcing Project Owner submits a Review or Approval Task for an IT solicitation Sourcing Project, the designated NCDIT reviewers or approvers are sent a notification email. Review Tasks allow reviewers to indicate they have gone over the document(s) included in the task and provided any applicable comments. Approval Tasks require approvers to either approve or deny the task and provide comments on their reasons for doing so.

For more detailed step-by-step information regarding this topic in a printable format, see the following job aid.

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When a task is submitted for review or approval within a Sourcing Project, the reviewers or approvers included in the task workflow are sent email notifications about the task and/or have the task added to their ‘To Do’ portlet within the Sourcing Tool.  When an NCDIT group is in the Review or Approval Flow, all members of the group will be sent these notifications.

Review Tasks allow reviewers to edit and comment on Sourcing Project documents.  

After opening the ‘Task’ and seeing that document(s) have been attached (on left side of ‘Task’), the approver can download the attached document(s) for review and approval by clicking the arrow to the right of the document name and selecting ‘Download’ from the drop-down menu.

After reviewing the document(s) attached to the ‘Task’, the approver can return to the Approval Task and click either ‘Approve’ or ‘Deny’ depending on the appropriate action for the document(s). 

Once the agency Sourcing Project Owner has received approval of their solicitation document draft by the ‘Agency CIO’ approval group in ‘Phase 03’ of their Sourcing Project, they will submit the solicitation document to NCDIT for review via the ‘Gain NCDIT Approval of Solicitation Document and Sourcing Event’ task in ‘Phase 04’. This task has an automated workflow that begins and ends with coordination by NCDIT’s ‘Statewide Admin’ approval group for parallel document review.  

Approvers have the ability to manually add other approvers or watchers to the approval flow in addition to the automatically added approvers. Approvers or watchers can be added before or after the current approver, with different impacts to the overall approval flow.