Exception Requests (IT)

If a need exists for an agency to submit a Standards or Security Exception Request to NCDIT for approval when no active IT Procurement is being conducted, Sourcing Project Owners can create a Sourcing Project (SP) with a ‘Solicitation Vehicle’ type of ‘IT: Exception Request Only’. After uploading the completed Standards or Security Exception Request Form and any required supporting documents into the Sourcing Tool, the Sourcing Project Owner can submit the approval task to NCDIT for review and approval. Completed Standards and Security Exception Request Forms and supporting documents not associated with an active IT Procurement may also be submitted via email to dit.exceptions@nc.gov. NCDIT will enter the Standards and Security Exception Requests into the Sourcing Tool on the agency’s behalf.

For more detailed step-by-step information regarding this topic in a printable format, see the following job aid.

Open the Job Aid

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Sourcing Project Owners can create a SP in the NC eProcurement Sourcing Tool by clicking on the ‘Sourcing Project’ link under the ‘Create’ header in the ‘Common Actions’ portlet on the left. The ‘Create Sourcing Project’ page will display. Populate all relevant fields, including the eight required fields, as noted by an asterisk (*). Select ‘IT: Exception Request Only’ in the ‘Solicitation Vehicle’ field.

After clicking ‘Create’ on the ‘Create Sourcing Project’ page, the SP is saved and the ‘Overview’ tab is displayed. Navigate to the ‘Team’ tab and add any other users who need access to the SP. By default, only the Sourcing Project Owner who clicked ‘Create’ can edit the SP at this point. It is very important that the ‘Agency IT Security’ group be populated with at least one user for approval purposes.

The ‘Documents’ tab will include a ‘Shortcut to NCDIT Sourcing Library Folder’ where the Sourcing Project Owner can download document templates for their Exception Request, as well as two folders; the ‘Standards Exception Request Folder’ and the ‘Security Exception Request Folder’. Before sending the Exception Request to NCDIT for review and approval via the ‘Tasks’ tab, the Sourcing Project Owner will have to upload the applicable form and any supporting documentation to the relevant folder.

The ‘Tasks’ tab contains two approval tasks, one to ‘Submit Standards Exception Request to NCDIT (if applicable)’ and another to ‘Submit Security Exception Request to NCDIT (if applicable)’.