Creating a Contract Workspace from a Sourcing Project

After a Sourcing Event has ended and the solicitation has been awarded to the winning vendor(s), the Project Owner can create a Contract Workspace to manage the subsequent contract with the vendor(s) directly from the recently -completed Sourcing Project. 

For more detailed step-by-step information regarding this topic in a printable format, see the following job aid.

Open the Job Aid

Tab/Accordion Items

To create a Contract Workspace from a completed Sourcing Event, click on 'Actions' from the 'Overview' tab and select 'Follow-on Project' from the drop down.

Contract Workspaces are for single vendors only.  If a Sourcing Event was awarded to multiple vendors despite a single Solicitation Document, the user will need to create separate, yet similar Contract Workspaces for each awarded vendor.  The best way to do this is not to create multiple ‘Follow-on Projects’ from the Sourcing Project, but rather, create a ‘Copy’ of the first Contract Workspace created and change the value in the ‘Supplier’ field before loading any vendor-specific documents.