Creating Purchase Requisitions: Guided Buying EPLite

The Guided Buying view of NC eProcurement provides users a simplified layout that makes purchasing goods and services quick and easy. Users can navigate Guided Buying to purchase Catalog items, Punchout Catalog items, and Ad Hoc items.

For more detailed step-by-step information regarding this topic in a printable format, see the following job aid.

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Introduction to Guided Buying

Tab/Accordion Items

Items that are on Statewide Term Contracts (STC) appear in the NC eProcurement catalog. Users may add catalog items to their Purchase Requisition by utilizing the catalog search functionality or by navigating through tiles and sub-tiles.

Users may add specific catalog items to a favorites list for quick reference. Catalog items saved as favorites are updated as the catalog item is updated (e.g. price, description).

Some suppliers on Statewide Term Contract (STC) have created punchout websites accessible through the NC eProcurement term contract catalogs. Users can build their cart in the supplier's website and have those items automatically transferred into NC eProcurement as line items.

Users may manually add ‘non-catalog’ items to a Purchase Requisition (PR) when a catalog item is not available or when they are ordering from a vendor that is not on a Statewide Term Contract (STC).

NOTE: The guidelines in this section are NOT required for EPLite users like they are for State Agency users. 

However, some EPLite entities choose to follow these guidelines. When entering a ‘Non-Catalog item,’ users can use these ‘Unit of Measure’ guidelines that differ based on whether the item is a ‘Blanket’ or a ‘Non-Blanket’ item, and whether it is classified as a ‘Good’ or a ‘Service.








The 'Checkout' page allows the user to enter or update the required details to finalize a Purchase Requisition (PR) before it is sent for approval.