Receiving is the process an agency uses to record goods that are delivered. In NC eProcurement, the receiving process completes the purchase order lifecycle.

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Receiving can be accessed in Guided Buying by viewing the 'To Receive' tab within the 'Your Requests' screen.

Receiving can be accessed in Expert View by selecting 'Receive' from the 'Common Actions' portlet and navigating to the appropriate purchase order.

Line items are received by entering the count in the 'Accepted' column and submitting the receipt through the system.

Rejecting line items is not recorded within the NCAS financial system but can be used for internal tracking purposes when items are damaged or incorrect.

Purchase orders that are fully received may need to be reopened in order to unreceive items.

If an incorrect amount was accepted or if a receiver needs to unreceive items for any reason, users will have the ability to back out the previously accepted line amount(s). This is also known as “negatively receiving” or “unreceiving” line items.

Users can add approvers to a receipt manually.

Receipts that must be approved or denied will follow the same process as requisitions that must be approved or denied.

To manually close an order without receiving against it, users must belong to the 'NC Close PO' group.