NCEP 2020 Upgrade - CC/LEA/Non-Int

NCEP Upgrade Timeline for EPLite Agencies

To understand more about how the NCEP Upgrade will affect Community Colleges, LEAs, and Non-Integrated Entities, please take a look at the timeline below.  The NC eProcurement Project team is working diligently to provide focused training to users ahead of the Go-Live, as well as providing self-learning materials that will be available at the launch. 

June 17-26, 2020

Five End-User Webinars

End Users receive targeted role-based trainings via webinar.

June 24, 2020

Creation of New Requisitions on Hold

Users can no longer create new eRequisitions in the existing NC E-Procurement 9R1 platform, nor can they copy existing requisitions.  Users still retain the ability to approve submitted requisitions, change orders, cancel orders, and release orders from their financial systems.

July 1, 2020

The upgraded NC eProcurement goes live!

Users create all new Purchase Requisitions in the new NC eProcurement AOD platform.  All unapproved requisitions will be withdrawn from 9R1.  Users will have read-only access to 9R1 to view previous transactions until 9R1 is retired.  After 9R1 is retired, historical data will then be accessed through the Government Data Analytics Center (GDAC).