Notice to Vendors

NC E-Procurement sent this notice to vendors in August and September 2014 regarding changes to NC E-Procurement accounts. Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute ยง147-86.23, interest will be charged on past due balances for invoices due on or after November 20, 2014.  Please see Billing Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Vendor Registration

Instructions for companies interested in doing business with the State of North Carolina.

NC E-Procurement Vendor and eQuote Registration

Statewide Vendor Registration is an Internet application that allows companies to register for NC E-Procurement @ Your Service. This registration allows companies to receive purchase orders from State Entities using the NC E-Procurement System. This registration also allows companies to respond to informal solicitations for price quotes from those same entities through an Internet based application called eQuote.

Vendor Link Registration for IPS

Vendor Link is an online Internet application that allows companies to register for the NC Interactive Purchasing System. Registered vendors are sent e-mail notification of procurement opportunities in their selected areas of interest. They can view the solicitations on the Internet and respond if interested.


If there are any questions, please contact the NC E-Procurement Help Desk at 888-211-7440, option 2, or