Buyer Training Materials

NC E-Procurement offers a variety of training options. These materials will be updated periodically; be sure to check back for the latest information.

Web Based Training

The Web-Based Training Courses are divided into individual courses covering topics such as system navigation, requisitioning, reporting and security administration. They are self-paced and provide an opportunity for users to build skills or reinforce knowledge.

In-Person Training

The NC E-Procurement team is available for free onsite training on an as-needed basis. If you would like to discuss available training opportunities and your entity's training needs, please contact the NC E-Procurement Help Desk, 888-211-7440, Option 1. Please note that all onsite training requests should be submitted by your entity's Security Administrator (for State Agencies) or EP Lite Administrator (for Community Colleges and School Systems).

Furthermore, each month the Division of Purchase & Contract (P&C) leads instructor-led training sessions in Raleigh, which are open to all NC E-Procurement users. For more information and to register for courses, please visit P&C's Calendar of Events.

We are excited to share how NC E-Procurement can help local education agencies and charter schools save significant amounts of money that can be used to address many needed projects in your schools. Please listen to the Department of Administration Webinar to hear how you can benefit from leveraging the State’s NC E-Procurement for your purchases. If you have additional questions and/or would like to speak to someone about using NC E-Procurement, please contact the NC E-Procurement team at

Click here to view the webinar.

The Job Aids are provided below in PDF format. Click on the job aid title to open the materials. You will need Acrobat Adobe 4.0 or higher to view and print the PDF documents. To download the newest version of Adobe Reader for free, click the link in the lower left corner of this web page. These materials will be updated periodically; be sure to check back for the latest information.


Use the Quick Links Below:

System Navigation

Course Audience
E-Procurement Overview All Users
System Searches All Users
Personal Labels All Users
Personal Profile All Users
Reset Default Preferences All Users
Email Notification Preferences All Users
Delegating Approval Authority All Users
State Term Contract Catalog Search All Users
Supported Internet Settings All Users
Vendor IRS Verification Status All Users

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Course Audience
eRequisition Catalog Item All Users
eRequisition Correction Enterprises Punchout Catalog All Users
eRequisition Non-Catalog Item All Users
eRequisition Punchout Item All Users
eRequisition Child Nutrition Item All Users
eRequisition Grainger KeepStock Item All Users
eRequisition Inventory Item NCAS Users
eRequisition MRO-Facilities Punchout Item All Users
eRequisition Office Paper Catalog Item All Users
eRequisition Office Supplies Punchout Item All Users
eRequisition School Bus Item All Users
eRequisition Selecting Commodity Codes All Users
Withdrawing eRequisitions All Users
Edit Line Item NCAS Users
Edit Line Item School System & Community College Users
Integration/Change Orders NCAS Users
IT Supplemental Staffing Guidelines NCAS Users
Approval Flows All Users
Using eVP for Informal Quoting All Users

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Course Audience
Approving an eRequisition All Users
Denying an eRequisition All Users
Editing an eRequisition as an Approver All Users

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Course Audience
Receiving a Line Item NCAS Users

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Course Audience
Standard Reports All Users

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NC OpenBook

Course Audience
DHHS OpenBook All Users
NCAS OpenBook All Users
Office of the Governor OpenBook All Users

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Security Administrator

Course Audience
User Maintenance All Users
Address Maintenance All Users
Resetting User Passwords All Users
Mapping Users LEA - SunPac Users
Mapping Addresses LEA - SunPac Users
Mapping Users LEA - LINQ Users
Mapping Addresses LEA - LINQ Users
Mapping Users Community College Users
Mapping Addresses Community College Users

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Course Audience
EP for Non-Integrated Agencies Non-Integrated Users

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