Request for Quotes

The State's application for soliciting informal electronic pricing quotes, eQuote, has been retired. Buyers are encouraged to send their pricing requests for services and goods directly to vendors via email. All vendors registered in the electronic Vendor Portal (eVP) will appear in the Public Vendor Search, allowing buyers to solicit pricing requests.

Vendors can indicate a specific user to be the first point of contact for bid requests by giving them a title such as 'Bidding Contact' or 'Pricing Requests.' For more information on adding and/or managing contacts in eVP, please visit the vendor training page and see section VI in the 'Guide to NC electronic Vendor Portal (eVP) Registration' job aid, or use the 'Managing Contacts' web-based training course for guided instructions.

As a reminder, buyers can search for vendors based on the commodity codes specified in the vendor's registration. Reviewing the commodity codes selected and verifying they are up to date is recommended. To learn more about the search filters and capabilities in eVP, use the 'Searching for Registered Vendors' web-based training course on the vendor training page.