Payment Instructions
  1. Detach the remit coupon located at the top of the statement and fill out the appropriate information
  2. Make the check payable to "State of North Carolina - EProc"
  3. Write the invoice number on the check or money order
  4. Write the remit address (provided at the top of the statement) on an envelope
  5. Mail the envelope containing the check and remit coupon to the following address:

    State of North Carolina - EProc
    PO Box 752167
    Charlotte, NC 28275-2167


Please DO NOT send any correspondence, other than your check or money order and the return receipt, to the above address. All NC E-Procurement billing inquiries should be directed to or 888-211-7440, Option 4. For additional information about NC E-Procurement Billing, review the Billing FAQs.