Archive Buyer Job Aids

The Archive Training Job Aids below relate to the functionality of the old NC E-Procurement system. This system is available in 'read-only' mode. It will also be available through September 2012 for State Agency users to receive and close out purchase orders.  For more information regarding how State Agencies can handle specific transaction types during the transition period, please refer to the Historical Data and Open Transactions web-based training course.

These documents are provided in PDF format. Click on the job aid title to open the materials. You will need Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or higher to view and print the PDF documents. To download the newest version of Adobe Reader for free, click the link in the lower left corner of this web page. These materials will be updated periodically; be sure to check back for the latest information.

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System Navigation

Course Audience
E-Procurement Overview All Users
System Searches All Users
Personal Folders All Users
Personal Profile All Users
Delegating Approval Authority All Users

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Course Audience
eRequisition Catalog Item All Users
eRequisition Non-Catalog Item All Users
eRequisition Punchout Item All Users
Withdrawing eRequisitions All Users
Editing a Line Item NCAS Users
Editing a Line Item LEA and Community College Users
Integration/Change Orders NCAS Users
Approval Flows All Users

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Course Audience
Approving an eRequisition All Users
Returning an eRequisition All Users
Editing an eRequisition as an Approver All Users

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Course Audience
Receiving a Line Item NCAS Users

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NC OpenBook

Course Audience
NC OpenBook - NCAS NCAS Users
NC OpenBook - DHHS DHHS Users
NC OpenBook - State Ports Authority & Office of the Governor State Ports Authority and Office of the Governor

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Course Audience
Standard Reports All Users

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Security Administrator

Course Audience
User Maintenance All Users
Address Maintenance All Users
Resetting User Passwords All Users
Financial Controls NCAS Users
Mapping Users LEA - SunPac Users
Mapping Addresses LEA - SunPac Users
Mapping Users LEA - ISIS Users
Mapping Addresses LEA - ISIS Users
Mapping Users Community College Users
Mapping Addresses Community College Users

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System Administrator

Course Audience
Entity Client Overview LEA - SunPac and ISIS Users
Entity Client Overview Community College - Solaris Users
Entity Client Overview Community College - Windows Users
Entity Client Overview University (ECU) - Solaris
Moving Entity Client (without CD) LEA - SunPac and ISIS Users
SunPac Enhancements LEA - SunPac Users
ISIS Enhancements LEA _ ISIS Users
Colleague Enhancements Community College Users

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Course Audience
EP for Non-Integrated Agencies Non-Integrated Users

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