eQuote Functionality Tips

  1. The title of the eQuote will automatically default to the eRequisition title. This can be changed on the eQuote form, but it will only change the title of the actual eQuote, it will not change the title of the eRequisition.

  2. The 'eQuote Response Due' field is a required field. If the user does not fill out the 'eQuote Response Due' field, it will default to four business days after the eQuote creation date. However, it is in the user's best interest to give the suppliers a sufficient amount of time to respond in order to get the best possible response.

  3. Items selected from an eQuote response do not have commodity codes associated with them. Therefore, buyers must select commodity codes for each line item. The commodity code can be edited on the 'Summary' page of an eRequisition.

  4. A user can access eQuote information from NC E-Procurement by clicking on the underlined 'Description' of the eQuote line item on the 'Summary' page of the eRequisition. Clicking on the eQuote line item will automatically lead to the eQuote page to view supplier responses or other eQuote information.

  5. The 'Edit' button must be clicked when returning to the eRequisition before the eQuote can be awarded.

  6. The 'Number of Responses' field does not update automatically. To update this field, click the 'Refresh' button at the bottom of the list of line items on the 'Summary' page of an eRequisition.

For instructions creating eQuote items please view the eQuote Training Manual on the User Training page of this web site.