Who Can Receive an Order?
The user who can receive on a purchase order in NC E-Procurement is determined by the type of receiving used by the entity. For those agencies that use desktop receiving, the requester of the eRequisition (the user displayed in the 'On Behalf Of' field) may receive on the eRequisition. For those agencies that use central receiving, only those users with the central receiver group associated with the particular Ship To address on the purchase order may receive on the purchase order.
When in question, the following method can be used to figure out who can receive on the purchase order: Conduct a system search for the eRequisition or purchase order. Click the ‘Receipts’ tab and select the ‘Receipt ID’ of the receipt in ‘Composing’ status. View the ‘Approval Flow’ tab. The user in the approval flow will be the person who can receive on the purchase order. If a ‘Central Receiver’ or other group is displayed, click on the text of the group in the approval flow to see all users that have that group.

Note: If a purchase order is in ‘Order Failed’ status, or if there is a new version of the eRequisition in ‘Composing’ or ‘Submitted’ status, the order cannot be received upon until those issues are resolved.

For further information on receiving please view the Receiving a Line Item job aid on the User Training page of this web site.