Vendor Searches
Click ‘Registered Vendor Search’ from the menu to the left, and then click the large words ‘Search for Registered Vendors.’  This will bring up a pop-up window in which users can search a database of all registered vendors.
There are several  filters available by which vendors may be searched on the NC E-Procurement Registered Vendor Search page. These include ‘Vendor Name,’ ‘Location Name,’ ‘Tax ID,’ ‘Commodity Code,’ and ‘Construction Code.’
When searching based on the ‘Vendor Name’ field, the vendor’s name must be entered exactly as the vendor registered it in order to find the profile. If a vendor has a long name, try entering just the first one or two words of the vendor’s name. Shorter searches tend to return more search results!  If a vendor has abbreviated their name, try different combinations of spaces and periods (e.g., ABC, A B C, and A.B.C.).
Vendors often register a primary company name but have associated locations with differing names. These locations can be difficult to locate when searching by company name alone. Using the 'Location Name' field instead of the 'Vendor Name' field within Registered Vendor Search will allow users to search for these location names that may be registered under a primary account.
When searching based on a vendor’s federal tax ID number, be sure to not to include any dashes or spaces when entering the federal tax ID number into the ‘Tax ID’ search. Additionally, entering a percent symbol (%) at the beginning of the federal tax ID number can help pull back multiple vendor profiles that exist for the same federal tax ID number.
If a user wishes to search for registered vendors that may provide the goods or services they wish to purchase, the ‘Commodity Code’ field may be used to search for vendors that have designated they provide those goods or services. Likewise, the ‘Construction Code’ field may also be used for vendors that provide goods or services that relate to construction. Users may also hold down the ‘CTRL’ key on their keyboard and click on multiple commodity codes in order to select two or more commodity codes by which to search.
Commodity Code Vendor Search

Note: The Registered Vendor Search is different from searching for vendors within the State Term Contract Catalog Search, also found on the menu on the NC E-Procurement web site. The catalog search only lists those vendors that have been awarded a State of North Carolina term contract. If a user cannot find a vendor within the catalog search, check the Registered Vendor Search listed above. For those vendors not listed in the catalog, the user will need to create a non-catalog item to make purchases.