Understanding NC E-Procurement E-Mail Addresses

The NC E-Procurement Help Desk uses several email accounts to correspond with buyers and vendors. Some email accounts are directly managed by the NC E-Procurement Help Desk team while others distribute automated system notifications. Understanding which email accounts directly reach the Help Desk will aid in ensuring that your needs are met as promptly as possible. Users should also make sure to add these email addresses to local address books so emails arrive directly to your inbox.
ephelpdesk@its.nc.gov: This email address should be utilized by all NC E-Procurement buyers to email questions to the Help Desk. Additionally, this email account is used to distribute notifications regarding system and integration statuses.
vendor@nc.gov: This email address should be utilized by all NC E-Procurement vendors to email questions to the Help Desk. Purchase orders are also sent to vendors from this email address. This email may also be used for vendors wishing to do business with the State of North Carolina to clarify any questions they may have.
NCnotification@its.nc.gov: This email address is an automated system that sends notifications of password resets, requisition and receipt approvals, purchase order confirmations, etc. As an automated system, the email account is checked less frequently than the other NC E-Procurement account. If you have a question regarding an email received from this email address, please do not reply to the email. Rather, forward the email to the ephelpdesk@its.nc.gov email address along with an explanation of the issue.
eprocurement@its.nc.gov: This email address is used to send communications to buyers from NC E-Procurement notifying them of system availability, system changes, system tips, etc.
epbilling@its.nc.gov: This email address is used to send invoices to vendors from NC E-Procurement for the NC E-Procurement transaction fee. This email account may be used to communicate with the NC E-Procurement Billing Team regarding invoice and transaction fee issues.
The NC E-Procurement Help Desk may also be reached by phone at 888-211-7440 option 1, Monday-Friday, 7:30am-5:00pm.