Top 50 Commodity Codes
State Agencies & Non-Integrated Entities

Selecting the appropriate commodity code when adding a line item in NC E-Procurement helps the State in determining what commodities are being purchased and what commodities should be on state contract for better pricing. Commodity Codes can also be found on the Division of Purchase & Contract's webpage. If you would like help in determining the correct commodity code, please contact the NC E-Procurement Help Desk at 888-211-7440, option 1, or at

The Top 50 Commodity Codes selected by users when creating eRequisitions during FY15 may be found below, beginning with the commodity code selected most often.

207-72 Printer Accessories and Supplies: Chemicals, Forms Tractors, Inks and Cartridges, Paper, Label Sheets, Sheet Feeders, Toner Cartridges, Wheels, etc.
962-86 Transportation of Goods and Other Freight Services (Shipping)
801-83 Signs, Metal (Not Blanks)
080-65 Service Awards, Specialty Type
800-08 Boots, Leather
620-80 Pens (General Writing Types): Ball Point, Nylon Tip, Plastic Tip, Roller Ball, etc.
060-42 Filters: Air, Fuel, Oil, Power Steering, Transmission and Water, and PCV Valves
615-09 Binders: Chain, Post, Prong, Ring, etc.
620-90 Pens, Marker Type (Including Highlighter Types)
615-62 Pads and Tablets: Analysis, Columnar, Figure, Memo, Note, Ruled, Post-It Notes, Telephone Message, etc.
393-48 Dressings, Condiments, Sauces, and Gravies
615-43 File Folders, Hanging Type; and Accessories
920-45 Software Maintenance/Support
390-49 Meat: Cured, Fresh, and Frozen
385-96 Vegetables, Frozen
260-82 Sundries, Dental: Articulating Paper and Tape, Cotton, Dental Care Kits, Denture Adhesives and Creams, Floss, Gauze Pads, Paper and Plastic Items, Sutures, Tubing, etc.
203-72 Printer Accessories and Supplies: Chemicals, Forms Tractors, Inks and Cartridges, Paper, Label Sheets, Sheet Feeders, Toner Cartridges, Wheels, etc., Environmentally Certified Products
175-54 Laboratory Supplies: Asbestos Squares, Corks, Files, Glass Cutters, Ring Stands, Stopcock Grease, Tongs, Wire Gauze, etc.
745-01 Aggregate, Precoated
204-54 Microcomputers, Handheld, Laptop, and Notebook
615-77 Rubber Stamps, Stamp Pads, Stamp Pad Ink and Stamp Racks
390-84 Vegetables, Fresh
460-45 Hydraulic Hose and Fittings (See 285-30 for Dielectric Hose and Fittings)
615-88 Tape and Dispensers, Office Type
640-60 Plastic and Styrofoam Products: Cups, Forks, Plastic Coated Dishes, Plastic Food Wrap, Cooking Bags, Sandwich Bags, Spoons, Straws, Doilies, etc.
645-21 Bond Paper (Including Recycled)
271-28 Diets, Complete, Liquid; and Liquid Food Supplements (Oral and Tube Fed)
393-86 Vegetables, Canned, Processed and Preserved (Incl. Canned Salads, Sauces and Puree)
060-12 Batteries, Storage (Including Electrolyte and Recycled Types)
670-55 Plumbing Fixtures and Parts: Lavatories, Showers, Sinks,Toilets (Water Closets), Toilet Seats (Including Hygienic Type), Tubs, etc.
530-39 Business and Credit Card Holders, Binders, Folders, etc.
393-43 Crackers and Cookies, Packaged
393-35 Cereals, Ready-to-Eat
200-85 Uniforms, Blended Fabric
450-06 Batteries, Dry Cell (Except Communications Radio and Electronic)
475-09 Bandages (All Types), Adhesive Tapes, Dressings, Plaster of Paris, and Surgical Gauze (Including Casts)
615-39 File Dividers, Labels, Tabs, etc.
625-26 Eye Glasses Including Sunglasses (Including Frames, Cases, Parts, etc.)
375-15 Bread, Rolls, etc. (Including Brown and Serve Items)
393-54 Fruits, Canned, Processed and Preserved (Incl. Fruit Sauces and Puree)
615-19 Calendars, Calendar Pads and Stands
475-64 Paper Goods: Diapers, Medication Blister Cards, Pillow Cases, Sheets, Wiping Tissues, etc.
615-51 Labels, Reinforcements, Seals, etc. (Not Printed); and Sealing Wax
918-38 Education and Training Consulting
175-13 Chemicals, Laboratory (ACS, CP, Practical, Reagent Grade, etc.)
615-15 Books, Office: Accounting, Address, Columnar, Composition, Memo, Minute, Receipt, Steno, Time, etc.
393-46 Desserts: Packaged, Canned, and Mixes (Includes Cake Mixes, Gelatins, Icings, Pie Fillings, etc.)
393-77 Soft Drinks
615-81 Staples
393-60 Juices, Fruit and Vegetable (Not Frozen)