Selecting Tiered Pricing Catalog Items

Please be advised that catalog items within NC E-Procurement for contract 645A (office paper) contain tiered pricing, which means the price for a specific item changes based on the quantity being ordered. When selecting a catalog item for contract 645A, please pay attention to the ‘Description’ of the catalog item and select the item that corresponds to the quantity being ordered.

Additionally, tiered pricing applies to the quantity of the entire eRequisition, not just a single line item. For example, if one line item has a quantity of 50 and another has a quantity of 25, the catalog items that reflect tiered pricing for a quantity of 75 should be selected for both line items.

Note: Vendors are not obligated to apply the correct tiered pricing if the wrong catalog item has been selected by the user. Therefore, it is important to select the correct catalog item to receive the best price available.

For more information on using the NC E-Procurement State Term Contract catalogs, please review the ‘eRequisition Catalog Item’ job aid on the NC E-Procurement User Training web site.