Supported Internet Settings

The recommended web browser for accessing and using the NC E-Procurement website and the NC E-Procurement system is Internet Explorer 7 or above.

Additionally, the Ariba Buyer software utilized by NC E-Procurement specifically supports the following Internet browsers:

  • Internet Explorer versions 7 through 8
  • Mozilla Firefox versions 3 through 6
  • Safari versions 3.2 through 4.0

When troubleshooting issues within the NC E-Procurement website or NC E-Procurement system, it is often helpful to work through the ‘Supported Internet Settings’ job aid found on the NC E-Procurement User Training web site. Additionally, if entity policies require use of Internet Explorer version 8 and above, it may be helpful to utilize the browser’s ‘Compatibility View’ setting. This setting may be updated as follows:


  1. Access NC E-Procurement via

  2. Click on the ‘Tools’ icon or menu option and select ‘Compatibility View Settings.’
  1. The web site URL ‘’ for the system, or '' for the website, should automatically appear in the ‘Add this website:’ free-text field, but if it doesn’t, type in ‘’ or ' (without the quotes).

  2. Click ‘Add’ and the web site URL should appear in the ‘Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View:’ field.
  1. Click ‘Close.’ The page will refresh, and now the page will be accessed via Compatibility View each time it is visited in the future.

Note: Some users may not have the permissions required to update this setting in the Internet Explorer 11 browser. If this setting cannot be updated, please contact local IT support for assistance.