Saved Search Portlets

If you have Saved Searches that you run within NC E-Procurement, you can make the results of those searches visible within a Dashboard Portlet for easy access. Once a System Search has been saved, take the following steps to add it to the Dashboard.

Note: For instructions on how to set up a Saved Search, view the ‘System Searches’ job aid located on the NC E-Procurement User Training page.

  1. From the Dashboard, click ‘Configure Tabs’ at the top-right and select ‘Add Content.’
  1. Click and drag ‘Saved Search’ to the preferred location on the Dashboard and release the mouse button.
  1. A new page will appear. Click the ‘Select’ button next to the desired saved search.
  1. The portlet for the Saved Search will now appear on the Dashboard. Click ‘Done’ to finish updating the Dashboard.

Note: To update the data displayed in the portlet, click the ‘Refresh Content’ button. Please review the ‘System Navigation’ job aids on the NC E-Procurement User Training page for more information.