Revising a Commodity Code Search

When searching for a commodity code to select within NC E-Procurement, it may prove useful to revise the search to confirm that the correct commodity code is being selected. After a five-digit commodity code has been found, try searching by just the first three numbers to confirm the commodity code is in the appropriate category.

For example, user Jane is creating an eRequisition for roofing services. However, a search for 'roofing' returns the commodity code '145-60 – Roofing.'

If Jane then searches for just '145,' she will find that this commodity code actually falls under '145-00 – BRUSHES.' If Jane had selected this commodity code, then the line item would indicate that roofing brushes are being purchased, not roofing services.

If Jane goes back to her original search for 'roofing' and scrolls down, she will find more options that better match the roofing services she is purchasing, such as '910-66 – Roofing, Gutters, and Downspouts Maintenance and Repair' or '914-73 – Roofing and Siding.'  Try searching for '910' and '914' within NC E-Procurement to find out which of these would work better for Jane!