Selecting Commodity Codes for Recapped Tires and Retreading Service Orders

When creating orders for recapped tires or retreading services, be sure to select the correct commodity code and include a complete description of the item being ordered. Please follow the instructions below to avoid having to create a change order.
  • For the purchase of recapped or retreaded tires, use commodity code 863-65 and add the words "purchase of recapped/retreaded tires" to the 'Full Description' free-text field
  • For the service of having tires recapped or retreaded, use commodity code 928-82 and add the words "recapping/retreaded service" to the 'Full Description' free-text field

Note: For blanket purchase orders that include tires and service, use two line items - one line for the tires (using commodity code 863-65) and one for the service (using commodity code 928-82).

For further information on eRequisitions please view the eRequisitioning section on the User Training page of this web site.