Punchout Catalog Audit Functionality
On August 27, 2014, the Division of Purchase & Contract will be implementing an enhancement to enable systematic monitoring of punchout catalog items. This update will provide Contract Administrators with the Division of Purchase & Contract and the Statewide IT Procurement Office with a tool to monitor the prices of items that are available on each vendor’s punchout catalog.
When an item is found to have a discrepancy between the punchout catalog price and the approved contract price, a contract-specific Contract Administrator approval group may appear in the approval flow as a watcher. The approval flow will be affected only during the creation of an initial eRequisition or when a new punchout item has been added to a change order. Additionally, a warning message will appear at the top of the 'Summary' page. Please note this warning message will not prevent an eRequisition from being submitted or approved.
Please note Contract Administrator approval groups will not be added for non-catalog items or regular catalog items.
For more information, the ‘eRequisition Punchout Item’ job aid has been updated to include instructions related to the new functionality. The job aid may be found on the NC E-Procurement User Training web site.