Preserving Compatibility View Settings

When using Internet Explorer versions 8 and above to access the NC E-Procurement website and the NC E-Procurement system, it is recommended that ‘’ be added to the Compatibility View Settings. However, if the Internet Explorer browser option ‘Delete browsing history on exit’ has been selected, then the compatibility view setting will be deleted when the user next closes the browser. To preserve the compatibility view settings for the NC E-Procurement website or NC E-Procurement system, please follow the below steps.

Note: Please consult with your local IT support before changing any of your internet browser’s security settings.


  1. Add to your Internet Explorer Favorites list.
          Note: NC E-Procurement must be added as a favorite for the below steps to function correctly.
  1. Click on the ‘Tools’ icon or menu option and select ‘Internet Options.’
  1. Click the ‘Delete…’ button directly under the ‘Delete browsing history on exit’ check box.
  1. Check the ‘Preserve Favorites website data’ box. Selecting this option will also preserve the compatibility view settings any time the history or temporary internet files are manually deleted.

Note: At least one other option must also be checked in order to complete the above step. Please confirm the selected options are correct before proceeding.

  1. Click the ‘Delete’ button.
  1. Click the ‘OK’ button.
This should now prevent the compatibility view settings from being deleted each time the browser is closed. For more information on suggested internet browser settings, please review the ‘Supported Internet Settings’ job aid on the NC E-Procurement User Training web site.