Ordering Batteries

When a user searches the NC E-Procurement State Term Contract catalogs for the keywords ‘battery’ or ‘batteries,’ over 2,000 results are returned. The below tips can help find the desired type of battery.

  • Utilizing other keywords to specify the type of battery needed can greatly narrow down the search results. For instance, searching for ‘alkaline’ returns many of the commercial types of batteries most commonly used (AA, AAA, 9V, etc.). Searching for ‘dry cell’ narrows those search results even further.
  • Searching the punchout catalogs can also yield better results. Specialized batteries like laptop batteries and exit light batteries are generally covered by the contract for related items. For example, laptop batteries can be found in the NCS Technologies punchout catalog under contract 204A – Microcomputers and Peripherals, and batteries used for safety equipment (i.e., exit lights) can be found in the W W Grainger punchout catalog under contract 445B – Maintenance, Repair & Operation Supplies.

Please note that a search in the NC E-Procurement State Term Contract catalogs does not also search the punchout catalogs – those will need to be searched separately. For more information on using the NC E-Procurement State Term Contract catalogs, please review the ‘eRequisition Catalog Item’ job aid on the NC E-Procurement User Training web site.