Invalid Bid Numbers

When a Statewide term contract is re-bid by P&C at the end of its term, the awarded contract will have a new bid number. When this occurs, any line items with the old bid number will show an error message that the bid number must be re-selected. This most often occurs when a user changes or copies an older eRequisition. When this error is encountered, re-select the contract ID, which will also populate the new bid number.

Note: If the eRequisition is in ‘Ordered’ or 'Receiving' status, there is no need to update the bid number; the bid number will only need to be updated if a change order is created.

Complete the following steps to update the bid number on non-catalog items:

  1. Click the ‘Contract’ drop-down menu and select ‘Search for more…’

  2. Search for ‘no value’ (without the quotes) and click the ‘Select’ button next to ‘(no value).’

  3. Click the ‘Contract’ drop-down menu and select ‘Search for more…’

  4. Note: Do not re-select the contract ID if it appears in the drop-down menu at this time, as the new bid number may not populate.

  5. Search for the contract ID and click the ‘Select’ button next to the desired contract. This will re-populate the ‘Bid Number’ field with the updated information.

For catalog and punchout items on a new eRequisition in ‘Composing’ status, delete the item and re-select it from the catalog. To update the bid number for catalog and punchout items on change orders, please save a new version in ‘Composing’ status and contact the NC E-Procurement Help Desk, 888-211-7440, option 1, for assistance.