Including Contact Information
It is important to include your contact information on purchase orders. If the vendor needs to clarify the order, missing contact information can delay processing by vendors and receipt of goods. Your contact information can be included on purchase orders in the following ways:
  1. Update the Ship To Addresses in NC E-Procurement - The Ship To address information includes fields for users to enter a phone number and email address for the location. Either the Security Administrator, or an individual with the 'Address Maintenance eForm' role, may add/update an address in the Ariba Buyer application. A job aid on updating addresses may be found here.
  2. Add Contact Information in the eRequisition Comments - Users may include their name and contact information in the eRequisition comments section of an eRequisition and check the 'Visible to Supplier' box.
For further information on eRequisitions please view the eRequisitioning section on the User Training page of this web site.