Hold Until Date

Users can use the ‘Hold Until Date’ feature to hold purchase orders in the NC E-Procurement system until a specified date. Although the orders will not be distributed to the vendor until the specified date, the eRequisition will still go through the approval flow and funds will be encumbered. If the ‘Hold Until Date’ feature is not used and a user wants to delay sending the vendor the order, the eRequisition will need to remain in 'Composing' status until the desired date.

Note: A fully approved eRequisition with a 'Hold Until Date' selected will remain in 'Approved' status until the date selected. If it is desired that the date be removed after the eRequisition is fully approved, the final approver may edit the eRequisition and remove the 'Hold Until Until' date. The purchase order will be sent to the vendor the day after the date has been removed.