Grouping Search Results
It is possible to group search results by specific criteria in order to better review the results. For example, the search results of an eRequisition search can be grouped together by status (‘Composing,’ ‘Submitted,’ etc.). Once the search results have been grouped, it is then possible to expand each group to review the items in that category.
  1. After initiating a search and retrieving the search results, click the ‘Table Options Menu’ icon at the top of the ‘Search Results’ box
  1. In the menu that appears, click the specific criteria by which the search results are to be reviewed in the ‘Group by Column’ section
  1. Once the results are grouped, click the arrow next to a group to review the specific items that fall into that group

For instructions on running system searches please view the System Searches job aid on the NC E-Procurement training web site.