Entering Titles on eRequisitions
Entering a title on an eRequisition is an important step for many entities.  The ‘Title’ field can be found on the ‘Summary’ page of an eRequisition.  The NC E-Procurement system default is for this page to display after adding the first item to the eRequisition.  However, did you know that you have the option to set your preferences such that the page with the ‘Title’ field is the first page you see when creating an eRequisition?  If you would like to enter a title as the first step in creating all of your eRequisitions, there are only two steps to take in order to change your default preferences:
  1. Click ‘Preferences’ on the Menu Bar at the top and select ‘Reset default preference’
  1. Uncheck the ‘Show catalog on requisition creation’ box and click ‘OK’

For further information on default preferences please view the Reset Default Preferences job aid on the NC E-Procurement training web site.