Deleting Users
A user cannot be deleted or switched to another entity unless they have no outstanding items. As such, before a user leaves, please confirm they have completed the following actions for eRequisitions they created:
  • Delete all eRequisitions in ‘Composing’ statusĀ 
  • Withdraw and delete all eRequisitions in ‘Denied’ or ‘Submitted’ status. If the items on these eRequisitions are still needed, please have another user submit a new eRequisition
  • Fully receive any eRequisitions in ‘Receiving’ status. If receiving is still ongoing for a specific eRequisition, a Purchasing Agent may create a change order to change the ‘On Behalf Of’ field to another user who will then be able to continue receiving on the eRequisition, and the user can then be deleted without the need to fully receive the eRequisition
  • Cancel or fully receive any eRequisitions in ‘Ordered’ status
  • Resolve all issues for any eRequisitions in ‘Failed’ status

For instructions on updating or deleting user profiles, please view the User Maintenance job aid on the NC E-Procurement training web site.