When creating an eRequisition that is similar to that of an existing NC E-Procurement eRequisition, users can copy the original eRequisition using the following steps:
  1. Locate the eRequisition to copy in the appropriate portlet or via a system search
  2. Check the checkbox next to the eRequisition
  3. Click the ‘Copy’ button
This automatically creates a new eRequisition with a new eRequisition ID number in the 'My Documents' portlet. By using the ‘Copy’ button, users will not have to key non-catalog information into the system again. The Copy feature will also copy any items that are listed in the Catalog including any updates made since the item was originally selected.

Note: Punchout Items cannot be copied because these items are listed and maintained on the individual punchout websites.

Users can also copy individual lines within an eRequisition. To save time creating Catalog and Non-Catalog eRequisitions, simply select the checkbox next to the line needing to be copied and select ‘Copy.’ This will add an additional line to the eRequisition with all of the information included from the initial line. Users can then make any necessary changes to the copied line. For example, if a user is ordering 2 computers that are exactly the same, but need to be shipped to 2 different locations, create a line that shows 1 computer and copy the line. The only field that will need to be changed is the ‘Ship To’ address.

For further information on eRequisitions please view the eRequisitioning section on the User Training page of this web site.