Confirming Vendor Registrations

Please be aware that NC E-Procurement Vendor Registration does NOT send an email confirming successful registration. Vendors may verify their registration by logging into the Statewide Vendor Registration system at and clicking on 'Registration Summary' on the menu to the left. Buyers and Vendors can verify a vendor's registration by visiting the NC E-Procurement Home Page at and clicking on 'Registered Vendor Search' found on the menu to the left. Click on 'Search for Registered Vendors' and enter the search criteria desired. After locating the vendor record, click the Vendor Name and, in the 'NC Terms of Use' section, view the date the registration was completed. If the vendor cannot be found, it may mean that the vendor has not registered. The user should follow up with the vendor or the NC E-Procurement Help Desk at 888-211-7440 option 1.