Commodity Codes

Please make sure to enter the appropriate commodity code when adding a line item in NC E-Procurement. This helps the State in determining what commodities are being purchased and what commodities should be on state contract for better pricing. If a good is being purchased, please select a non 900-level commodity code. A 900-level commodity code should be selected when adding a service line item. Catalog items have commodity codes pre-loaded for your convenience. For non-catalog items, you can search for a commodity code in NC E-Procurement by typing the commodity code or the item description. Commodity Codes can also be found on P&C's webpage. The 'Item Classification' indicator defaults based on the commodity code selected.  If you would like help in determining the correct commodity code, please contact the NC E-Procurement Help Desk at 888-211-7440, option 1, or at

Note: Services such as labor and freight/shipping should always be entered as a separate line item from goods. Freight/shipping may be listed as 962-86 (Transportation of Goods and Other Freight Services) and labor should be entered as the 900-level commodity code that most closely matches the work being completed. Please view the below list of commodity codes for other service commodity codes that are commonly used.

  • 910: Building Maintenance, Installation and Repair Services – covers all services related to business maintenance, such as janitorial/custodial services (910-39), garbage/trash removal services (910-27), and kitchen and bathroom fixture repair (910-42)
  • 924: Educational Services – includes teacher certification services (924-77), special education (924-74), and tutoring (924-80)
  • 931: Equipment Maintenance and Repair Services – covers the maintenance and repair of equipment, including kitchen/cafeteria equipment (931-30), athletic equipment (931-11), musical instruments (931-58), and office furniture (931-46)
  • 968: Public Works and Related Services – includes water and wastewater treatment (968-96), storm drain cleaning and repair (968-73), and traffic sign maintenance (968-81)
  • 961 & 962: Miscellaneous Services – covers all other types of services that are not otherwise classified in another 900-level commodity code, such as installation and removal services that do not otherwise have another commodity code listed (962-46) and well drilling, maintenance, and repair services (962-96)