Statewide Term Contract Catalog Search Tips

When creating an eRequisition for State Term Contract items, users should use the pre-loaded term contract catalogs available in NC E-Procurement. Adding items from the state term contract catalogs reduces potential errors of non-catalog entry as well as saves the user data entry time. Users have the option to search by keyword or to select more specific search criteria from the 'Options' list on the catalog page. Once the contract item is located, click 'Add to Cart' to add it to the shopping cart.

For instructions on adding catalog items to an eRequisition please view the eRequisition Catalog Item job aid on the User Training page of this web site. Here are a few general tips to get you started:

  • When searching by keyword, the catalog uses “fuzzy logic” to find items that may be similar to the search terms entered or to correct for slightly misspelled words. For example, searches for the words “scissor” and “scisor" (misspelled) will return the same search results. However, the catalog cannot suggest alternate search terms or phrases, so try different spellings, synonyms, or word combinations to find the item.
  • Not enough detail in your search results? Switch to ‘Details’ view to see more information. Too much detail? Click ‘Thumbnails’ to show less information for each item in the search results.
  • Click the ‘Scroll’ icon on a catalog item to view a PDF version of the full Statewide Term Contract for that item.
  • Too many results? Try using the ‘Navigation Panel’ to narrow the search. Searches can be narrowed by keyword, supplier, price, etc.

Catalog Tips