Entity Client Overview

The Entity Client is one component of the integration process between Colleague and NC E-Procurement. The Entity Client runs as a service on a designated computer at your agency. It passes requisitions, purchase orders, invoices and vendors between NC E-Procurement and your financial system. Your Entity Client has message folders for Requisitions, Orders, Invoices and Vendor information. The messages are stored in the inbox, outbox, or error folders (depending on the type of message) until the Entity Client is able to transfer them into Colleague or out to NC E-Procurement. The process of transferring these messages from NC E-Procurement to Colleague and vice versa is an automatic process.

For example, requisitions that are created in NC E-Procurement will pass into the Requisition message inbox and will be swept into Colleague automatically.

These folders are set up on your Entity Client and can be accessed on your C: drive as follows:

  • /Error (All error files)
  • /Vendor/Inbox
  • /Requisition/Inbox
  • /Order/Outbox (Purchase Orders)
  • /Invoice/Outbox (Payments)
In the event that you encounter a missing requisition or purchase order, there are several steps the Help Desk may ask you to perform to troubleshoot the issue. These steps should include checking the status of your Entity Client to make sure it is running, as well as reviewing messages in the above folders on the Entity Client in order to determine the status of your requisition or purchase order. Your System Administrator may also be asked to retrieve log files from the Entity Client to help our technical teams track and resolve the issue.