Address Maintenance Reactivate Mode

Users can reactivate addresses that were previously deleted. Some school system users may need to reactivate an address if they receive an error message when attempting to add a previously existing Address ID.

  1. Set the ‘Select Maintenance Mode’ field to ‘Reactivate.’
  1. In the ‘Address’ drop-down menu locate the address to be updated.  If the address is not listed in the drop-down menu, select ‘Search for more…’
  1. Locate the address to be updated by typing in the address name in the search box. Users can also search by the street address.

  2. Click ‘Select’ next to the appropriate address.
  1. The address information cannot be edited during reactivation.  Address Maintenance – Update Mode can be used once the address is active.

  2. Click ‘Next.’
  1. Add any necessary comments using the ‘Comments’ field.

  2. Add any necessary attachments using the ‘Attachments’ link.

  3. On the Summary screen, click ‘Submit.’
  1. Once the eForm is submitted and all (if any) required approvals are complete, the Address Maintenance eForm will be in ‘Actioned’ status and the address will have been reactivated in NC E-Procurement.  Any changes that need to be made to the address can be made using the Address Update process.
Note: For more information regarding addresses, please review the 'Address Maintenance' job aid on the NC E-Procurement User Training page.