iHub Upgrade

The iHub is a component of NC E-Procurement that manages the transfer of data between NC E-Procurement and EP Lite entities (community colleges and school systems). The NC E-Procurement team upgraded the iHub technology in 2014. The iHub upgrade reduced user effort involved in troubleshooting Entity Client, eRequisition, and purchase order issues, increased the visibility of errors to the NC E-Procurement team, and enhanced reliable data delivery.

Deployment Status

The NC E-Procurement team has successfully completed deploying the iHub upgrade to all available school systems and community colleges. The NC E-Procurement team upgraded the iHub technology and worked individually with contacts at each EP Lite entity to deploy the upgrade to the entity client between March and July 2014. Thank you to all of the contacts who participated in the deployment of the upgrade!



In preparation for the iHub upgrade, the NC E-Procurement team sent communications to users and project contacts. Please refer to the documents below for information about the iHub upgrade and the activities leading up to it.

Conference Calls

To prepare for the iHub implementation, the NC E-Procurement team hosted a session via conference call to discuss next steps for the iHub upgrade and each entity’s role in it. Please find below the materials used for each session.

Note: The NC E-Procurement team updated the list of minimum Entity IC System Requirements after these conference calls. The updated requirements may be found below:

Basic System Requirements:

Supported Operating Systems with related Java Runtime Environment (JRE) versions:

The Source Monthly Newsletter

Each month, the NC E-Procurement team publishes a monthly newsletter, The Source, providing users with information about NC E-Procurement activities. These newsletters also included information regarding the iHub Upgrade. An archive of the newsletters is available here.